How to Get Free BP & UC and Battle Points

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Are you looking for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) hacks? If you are a gamer then you must have search for it many times. PUBG is a famous battle royale game and the gamers are crazy for it nowadays. We must tell you that some PUBG are available.

PUBG is an online multiplayer game with amazing graphics. In this game, players are pushed in a world where they need to kill their enemies in order to survive in the game. The last person in the game is considered a winner. The basic principle of the PUBG is survival of the fittest. 

PUBG Hacks, Aimbots, Wallhacks and Other Cheats

Although PUBG is a new game it has gained much popularity. The demand and madness of this game, has given rise to create and find free PUBG hacks and cheats. However, it is very difficult to find PUBG hacks.

There is no solid proof but it is believed that PUBG hack was first created by Chinese developers in third person gaming. Many gamers told that some gaming café in china offer some gaming cheats. Users all across the world are looking for PUBG hacks.

Different hacks are available on the internet but you must be aware that these are not safe. PUBG team is safeguarding the purity of the game as well as the rights of the users. 

If PUBG anti-cheat team find out any cheat they directly ban the user for 10 years. So, must come under these fake websites. You may also download some malware from these websites. Here at this platform, we are sharing some authentic cheat sources and proper rights to use them.

The players have a very huge advantage of using hacks in the game. This is because the gameplay will become so easy for them. Like you can directly aim at the head of your enemies like a trained player and such others. Read this article to find the PUBG hacks and their usage.

About PUBG

PUBG was released on 23 March 2017. It is considered as the most famous game on steam with 2,000,000 users. You will get a fight for life and death in PUBG.

Brendan Greene who is a developer of “ARMA” battle Royale has created this famous game. Greene said this game is going exactly according to his expectations. 

The gameplay of PUBG is not so confused like other games. If you are a beginner you will not have to watch many tutorials to play this game. Different sound and graphics options are available in the setting. The game is based on a simple theme that survives until the end. The only player will survive at the end of the game. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Walk-through

The game consists of 100 players at the start of the game. The players are dropped from the plane with parachutes. Players will have to find the best weapons directly and save themselves from their opponents. Resources and various weapons are available in the buildings nearby.

Along with the armour and various types of guns, you will also find the first aid kit that will be beneficial for you during the game. You can also use vehicles to run away from your enemies.

Resources will help you survive in the game for more time. You should select appropriate that contain more buildings so that you can find more resources easily.

Well, you must know that maybe other players are also present here looking at the same location and it will be difficult for you to beat them unprepared. The first few minutes of the games are important and many players got killed. Resources are not difficult to find in the game however they are mandatory ting in order to survive. 

This game cannot stay much longer if you avoid any action. It has a safe zone and red zone. The player must try to avoid the red zone and find refuge somewhere else. It is not said that you will get killed in the red zone but it is dangerous to stay in the red zone.

The PUBG Hack

Play zone area shrinks with time and players come close to each other and chances of getting killed increases. You will have to face your opponents. The thing you can do is to choose the game at the low-risk level game. You can learn the game at these levels and then move to high-level risks.

PUBG is a strategy based game. Player needs to have a proper strategy and active mind in order to survive. You must make very good use of armours. It is deathmatch but if you have a good strategy you will be the winner in the game. 

PUBG hacks that we are providing here have following features

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Hack Features

PUBG Radar Hack: by using the radar hack, you will not miss anything on the map. You can check the name of every player on the map. You can also view the location and weapons of the players in the game by using the ESP tray. 

Wallhack: With the help of wallhack you can see the opponents that are hiding behind the objects. In this way, it is easy to kill them

No recoil: You can shoot at your opponent with a single aim.

Aimbot: This feature enables the user to shoot directly on the head of the opponent. This shoot has special importance in the game. 

Bounding Boxes: These boxes make players see their enemies from a long distance. 

Always Win: Hide yourself from enemies and keep yourself in the centre of the zones.

Vehicle Hits: You can kill more people by seeing them running from the new zone. You can even fly your vehicle with this hack.

Zone Surprises: You can hide in the new zone and kill the enemies as soon as they enter the new zone.

Undetected: Some creators claim that their cheats are completely safe. However, you must not use any hack for a very long time.

Why iSocialHub.Net?

PUBG Corp. has its own anti-cheat team that works for their team from being hacked. The ban and cease the accounts of the users. Anti-cheat software known as BattleEye checks various programs running on your PC. This software will detect any cheat or hack running on your PC. If this software detects any cheat hack or even any .zip file it will immediately ban your account.

4 Methods To Get Free PUBG Hack

The anti-cheat team will detect the player instantly and they get banned. Cheats we have shared here are completely authentic and secure to use. However, you must keep in your mind that these cheats are not totally undetectable.

Method #1 The PUBG Hack Download

  • First of all, extract the PUBG hack file.
  • Download the cheat file available in it.
  • Download the file on your PC, if its needs password enters 123.
  • Setup file popped up on your screen. Run this file.
  • You will see an icon on the screen with a name PlayerUnknown battleground hack.
  • Select the hacks that you want to add in your game.
  • Close this window.
  • Reboot your game and your cheats are included in it.
  • You can enjoy various hacks with it like ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot etc.

Some hacks remain unidentified by the BattleEye software. So, you can use them. Some hacks such as ESP and Aimbot have more chances to get a red flag and gets reported. The player must be cautious while using these hacks.

Method #2 AFK Mode: Simple BP Farming

You can simply farm by doing nothing. Just find a safe point for yourself and lay there. There is very less probability that you will get caught by your opponents. In this way, if you manage to come in top 3 then you can collect the in-game battle points. 

Many users share such other tricks with us. The PUBG developer has shared this trick with the user as ‘idler problem’ and said that it can be used without getting banned.


Another trick is to make use of a bot. Some developers have created a bot that will get you to farm battle points (BP) for you.

Various codes and forms are available for the BP farming Bot online that you can use. 

You just have to write a code to make your character move some times. You can also jump automatically from the plane. We have not given any solid source to download the bot however you can check about it on Reddit forums.

Method #4 PUBG Hack using

This website is an authentic source to get hacks for the games. It has a very good record of being not detected by the software like BattleEye. This is because it does not provide aimbot hack as this is easily detectable.

  • Connect to on your browser.

You need to have a human identification test. This test is a simple visual test that includes identifying the things from the picture. Website is making sure that software is not getting in their servers.

Complete your registration form.

  • Downloading the available PUBG hack

This websites regularly exclude all the hacks. Some hacks that are available on the website are Zone surprises, vehicle hits, bounding boxes, wallhack etc.


Apart from these some paid hacks are also available on the internet. However, these are very expensive. Users are trying to get more hacks while anti-cheat team is working to detect them. Newer hacks that are not available yet are more difficult to get identified. 

If you think we have skipped about any hack then you can share with us in the comment section. We will search about them and try to provide you more secure resource to access hacks.

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