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Free Xbox 360 Slim Console Giveaway

Call it whatever you want, the name is not the issue here. The thing that matter is the new smart and slim shape that makes it a more attractive one with 250GB of space. Yes, we are discussing new Xbox 360 here, introduced by Microsoft. Although, the previous designs were very much impressive, and we were thinking that there would be no option remaining for Microsoft that, How to design a new good-looking version of Xbox.

Because already the old versions were very much attractive with a matt finish in both white and black color (original Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Elite). But the new Free Xbox 360 250GB with its glossy black Plastic design is striking especially with ‘X’ shape.

How to Get a Free Xbox One Legit

Though, the new chassis is not much differed in size, measuring 270mm x 75mm x 264mm versus the old one having size, 310mm x 80mm x 260mm with 17 percent reduction in volume as well. Here the fact is that it allocates the same free space as the old SKU, and the system weight has been down from 3.5kg to 2.9kg.

Lastly, we can say that it is just a console for those who would like to upgrade to or buy the new get free Xbox 360 250GB just because it is little lighter compared to its previous versions, is incomprehensive. You can get free Xbox 360 games as well once you start using this awesome gaming console.

Free Xbox 360 Console Giveaway

The interesting thing about Xbox 360 250GB’s is that the buttons are no longer physical, instead of capacitive now. The ‘bing’ escorting Microsoft, saying that the DVD drive ejection tie-in with MS search engine is unintentional. But this makes no sense that this is unintentional and is the coincidence.

The new power brick is reduced in size, not bigger than the size of any 15in laptop’s power brick. It is is not much differed great favor than the reduction in console size. The connecting cable is less muscular now. But the good thing is, the power has been reduced from 150W to 135W ‘Jasper unit’.

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